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Commercial Product

Smart LED Highbay

OPTIONAL SENSOR WITH REMOTE CONTROL The Sonar Series represents the latest technology and highest efficacy of 190lm/W for industrial, commercial and retail lighting. The compact design allows for ease of installation across a range of settings, with the inclusion of an optional sensor. The optional plug and play motion and daylight sensor offers additional energy-savings, is easily installed and conveniently controlled from the ground via a remote control.

Commercial Product

LED Sensor Batten

LED batten lights have become the most sought-after lights to illuminate commercial spaces, mainly parking lots, garages, hospitals, retail stores, shopping malls and workplace meeting rooms.

Commercial Product

Eco Lightup LED Floodliht

Maintenance Free Design: Toggles between 100% and 0% brightness which further reduces the power consumption. The adjustable daylight sensor determines when the floodlight should be activated and can be programmed to operate during low light level. Microwave Motion Sensor and Energy Efficient Saves up to 80% energy compared to conventional floodlights

Commercial Product

LED Shoplights

HP Eclipse shoplight series: The High Performance (HP) Eclipse Shoplight sets the benchmark in energy-efficiency and offers a range of cut-out sizes and wattages, ideal for installation in commercial settings.

Commercial Product

LED Oyster Light

The LED Oyster Lights are a highly-efficient, complete luminaire replacement for older fluorescent oyster fittings. Available in 300mm and 400mm diameters in a range of wattages, our LED Oyster Lights feature a convenient tri-switchable colour temperature offering 3000K, 4000K and 5700K out of the same luminaire.

Commercial Product

Primsal Iluminous Linear LED Panel

LED Panels are energy-efficient and sustainable. They also save energy and are safe for the environment.

Commercial Product

Heat Pump System

Save up to $500 annually on your power bill and upgrade your current system to an energy efficient hot water system for FREE!*

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